Social kitchen in Olsztyn

Social kitchen in Olsztyn

The highest unemployment rate in Poland is in Warmia and Mazury region, reaching nearly 15%. This means that over 73 000 people are unemployed. Over 1/3 of the unemployed are people under 30. 55% of the unemployed remain permanently unemployed, which means that they have not been working for more than 12 months. 33% of the unemployed are people without professional qualifications. Warmia and Mazury is also characterized by the highest extreme poverty rate, which is 9%.

Our goal is to provide meals, food related vocational courses, promote healthy lifestyle and ultimately support our community development.

Obtaining new qualifications through vocational courses for unemployed people in areas related to nutrition, which will increasing their chances on the labour market.

  • Provide meals to those in need and at risk of social exclusion.
  • Strengthening the local and regional economy through workshops for people at social exclusion risk and unemployed.
  • Increasing competences, raising involvement and activating local communities to act for economic independence in Olsztyn and neighbouring regions.
  • Reducing malnutrition through the use of new social solutions: preparing nutritious meals for those in need and distribution of those meals.
  • Conducting educational activities in the field of preventing food waste and proper nutrition.
  • Promoting social and intergenerational dialogue for a healthy lifestyle.

In order to achieve that we want to create a unique place in Poland – Social Kitchen


  • People in need will find a daily meal here
  • Unemployed will get a job here
  • Children will learn how to prepare healthy meals
  • Seniors will teach their recipes to the younger generation
  • Families will spend time cooking together
  • Companies and organizations will integrate their teams around cooking together

In this kitchen, we will teach how to properly use food and how not to waste it -in accordance with the mission of the Food Bank.

We want to provide the necessary kitchen equipment and additional outfit to create Social Kitchen

Opportunity: Support the project with any donation and act as an international sponsor for the global Rotary Grant
Project budget: $95,000
Time horizon: by the end of 2018

Planned impact:

  • 300 daily meals for those in need
  • Workshops and vocational courses for the unemployed
  • Social integration activities in the form of workshops on preventing food waste and the household budget economy – up to 300 per year
  • Nutrition workshops for schools, companies, organizations and families
  • Equipped kitchen and social space: 475 m2

We are working with the local and experienced partner

 Food Bank in Olsztyn

b1The Social Kitchen will be operated by Food Bank in Olsztyn, an independent, non-profit organization founded in 2000. The mission of Food Bank is rescuing food from waste and nutritional help, education in the field of healthy eating and counteracting food waste, and activation of people who want to return to the labour market. In 18 years, Food Bank managed to donate over 47 000 000 kilograms of food to people in need, help an average of 95 000 people in need every year, build coalitions with 282 organizations in the region. RC Olsztyn Varmia and Food Bank have been collaborating already during food raising activities.

Rotary Club Olsztyn Varmia 

Halloween Charity Party 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 

  • Each year >250 guests
  • Music, dance and art attractions
  • The best party in the city
  • Paid tickets and auctions to collect donations
  • Funds collected in 2017 allocated for the Social Kitchen

Charity relay 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Each year > 100 runners
  • Integration as a key aim
  • Colourful and cheerful event
  • Family games
  • Participant’s fee & sponsors to collect funds
  • Funds collected allocated for sensory integration room grant

Watch the movies: 2017, 2016, 2015, charity relay 2015