Sensory integration room

Sensory integration room setup & operations

Special Education Centre in Olsztyn serves several roles including educating and development of children and youth with intellectual disabilities. It provides also picture1rehabilitation and sensory integration for children from the centre and children from a dedicated programme covering Olsztyn and surrounding communities and a consultancy point for the whole voivodship. Around 200 children attend different programmes organised by the centre. Right now the centre has a small (24m2) poor-equipped room adjusted for sensory integration therapy, which can serve only 40 children.

Grant characteristics


  • Improve sensory processing disorder treatment & enhance health infrastructure of Olsztyn and surrounding communities.


  • A professionally equipped room for sensory integration therapy
  • Therapists’ dedicated trainings and skills upgrading
  • Enhanced consultancy point to cover advise in the area of: pshychology, logopaedics, sensory integration and physiotherapy
  • Adapting area around the centre for children with sensory integration disorder (‘sensory garden’)


  • Double the number of children, which could benefit from sensory integration therapy (from around 40 to about 80)

Sensory integration

picture5Sensory integration is brain’s ability to take in, process and organise sensory information that we perceive through different sensory systems in our bodies.
People with sensory processing disorder experience problems with their sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste, sight, body coordination, and movement against gravity.

picture6When a child has minor sensory disorder early started rehabilitation supporting child’s development could even lead to the situation when a child joins a normal educational institution, not a special one.
Early started rehabilitation requires therapy to start in the first month of life, and it requires not only prompt action but also considerable financial resources, as publically available support is scarce.

RC OV and SEC cooperation

coopRotary Club Olsztyn Varmia
and Special Education Centre in Olsztyn started cooperation in 2013. We supported the centre and its pupils especially in preparations and participation in the Special Olympics, which is important element of rehabilitation. Our key charity activities in the past years focused on fund collection for sensory integration room set up (more information about on the next slides). Letter of intent for sensory integration room setup & operation was signed by president of Olsztyn, the Special Education Centre in Olsztyn and Rotary Club Olsztyn Varmia on 10 May 2016.